Divorce and Debt

Are you going through a divorce or legal separation, yet you owe the IRS money? Is your divorce causing sleepless nights and unwanted stress?  Divorce and debt will affect  both parties involved. Many times,  one spouse is affected more than the other. There are times where the court will award one party freedom from IRS collection, while the other is expected to pay the amounts due in full. There may even be a situation where one party creates the debt, while the other party in the divorce is expected to pay the consequences! Do not be a victim of the IRS during such a tough time in your life such as divorce. We will fight for you! There are three different types of Innocent Spouse Relief programs that you may qualify for. Do not try to handle this alone. Work with professionals that have the experience and knowledge to get the results that you deserve. Divorce and debt are tough, we are here to help.

 Divorce and Debt Specialist

The only thing you have to do to start is contact the professionals at OIC Tax.  The sooner you make that phone call, the sooner we can work to find a solution with your divorce and debt matters.  OIC Tax has many years of experience dealing with divorce and debt. We are here to guide you. More than likely we will work out the best situation in your favor. So call OIC Tax today to set up your FREE consultation. Knowing your options and the programs available to you is the first step. Call toll free at 916-331-2011.