Abatement of Penalties

IRS penalties and interest can cause a small delinquent tax debt to compound into an unmanageable amount within a very short period of time. Penalties alone can make up 25% of the amount you owe. Our experienced tax professionals are experts at penalty abatement – getting the IRS to either completely or partially remove your penalty. This will reduce the amount you owe and help you get your tax debt resolved quickly. Typically when someone owes the IRS, they are in a tough situation. Penalties only set that individual back more, pushing them into a deeper hole. The IRS has a broad definition of abatement, with the requirement that you meet one of these three basic reasons:

  • Reasonable cause
  • Administrative waivers
  • A mistake by the IRS

While “reasonable cause” will depend on your particular situation, usually you will qualify if there were factors out of your control involved in your not paying your tax debt. For example:

  • Major illness
  • Destruction or theft of your records
  • Death in the family
  • Disaster (such as a hurricane, earthquake, flood, etc.)
  • Lengthy unemployment
  • Divorce or other major life disruption

Don’t pay unnecessary IRS penalties and abatement without seeking professional help.  The professionals at OIC Tax will help you to determine your best option. OIC Tax professionals will use their knowledge and experience and deal with the IRS for you. We can save you money by helping you reduce your penalties and get you the best possible outcome. Don’t deal with this blindly. Get the guidance that you need for your abatement of penalties by calling OIC Tax Services today.

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