Tax Attorney

Tax Attorney

What Does A Tax Attorney Do?

A Tax Attorney is an Expert in Federal, State and Local Tax Laws. Helping clients resolve any legal tax related issues. A tax attorney wont maximize your deductions or prepare your taxes but they will provide analysis, guidance and advice in a number of important areas. Typical activities of a tax attorney are: General Business Taxes, Estate Planning & Trusts, International Taxes, Tax Disputes and other Financial Services.

When to Hire a Tax Attorney

Tax attorneys are legal professionals with law degrees, JD. They have passed the state bar exam and specialize in dealing with the tax authorities. Tax Attorneys  can bring a lawsuit against the IRS. Tax attorneys can help if you  under criminal investigation. Unlike a CPA, a Tax Attorney provides an  attorney -client privilege,  in the event you committed a crime. If you need advice on business structure and tax treatment in different states you may need legal counsel. Some international business tax situations may also require a tax attorney


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OIC specializes in these IRS Tax issues: IRS Liens, Levies, Garnishments, IRS Audits, Back Taxes, Offer and Compromise.  OIC Tax employs CPA’s, Tax Attorneys and Enrolled Agents.

Our mission is to help individuals and businesses obtain the best results. We do not make false promises, our sole focus is doing one thing as effectively as possible: help you with your tax matters. Our professionals will help you with your tax compliance and in the event that you owe money, we will negotiate with the IRS for the best resolution possible.