Payroll Taxes

Are you behind on your 940/941 tax filing?  Would you like help understanding your payroll taxes?  If so, we can help. Payroll taxes an be confusing. Often it will overwhelm a business owner. Being a business owner is tough in the best of times, but in a down economy it can get even more challenging. There are many regulations to follow and paperwork to keep track of, especially for businesses with a significant amount of employees.

Much of that paperwork stems from payroll withholdings and payroll taxes. If you fail to withhold the right amount of money for your payroll taxes or worse, use that money instead of paying it to the government you can incur a substantial amount of payroll tax debt. This can lead to your business suffering if you do not no how to handle it. The IRS has the ability to even shut down your business. Knowing how to deal with the situation before it gets out of control is ideal, but in the event the IRS does come knocking at your door, being able to offer a quick solution can help keep you in business.

Help with your Payroll Taxes

Don’t let the burden and stress of payroll taxes overwhelm you. The professionals at OIC Tax will guide you through your payroll taxes issue.  We have years of knowledge dealing with payroll taxes.  Running your business keeps you busy enough.  Don’t try to add more to your plate. OIC Tax Services will ensure that you take the right measures with your payroll taxes.

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