Wage Garnish

Has the IRS notified you that your wages are about to be garnished?  Are you losing sleep because you don’t know what you are going to do about it?  Did you know that the IRS can take up to 75 percent of your take home pay?  Yes, that’s right. If you are issued a wage garnishment it is a very serious matter.  So that means if your take home pay is $1000 a month, the IRS can take up to $750 and leave you with $250 to pay your bills.  Try living on that kind of paycheck for a few months. Even one or two drastically reduced paychecks can break you. That’s why we’re in this business, helping people get out of trouble with the IRS. Let us help you with your wage garnishment situation.

Ignoring Wage Garnishment

You can choose to ignore your tax problems. That would lead the IRS to address them for you in ways you might not appreciate.  Enforced collection of taxes often takes the form of an IRS wage garnishment.  The amount of money they choose to take from paycheck is beyond your control.  Even though there is a limit to how much they can garnish, you may still be left with very little money.  Your employer would be notified by the IRS about your wage garnishment and at times will fail to provide the appropriate forms to limit the amount the IRS can keep.  In those cases, up to 75 percent of your paycheck could be garnished by the IRS.

When the IRS decide on how much of your paycheck they want, they will not consider how much money you actually need for your necessities.  They will use tables of allowable expenses they have compiled to come up with the amount.  If you are living paycheck to paycheck now, a IRS wage Garnishment can lead you to not have enough money to pay your housing needs and leave your family under a lot of stress.

Let us help negotiate your Wage Garnishment
with the IRS.

We offer many solutions to your tax problems that will help you avoid IRS wage garnishment.  We can help you with installment plans or a settlement option with the IRS.  They will both accomplish the same thing; a solution to your IRS tax debt.  The IRS is more likely to take your needs into account when they know you are working with a tax professional rather than trying to handle this on your own.

Our tax professionals will negotiate on your behalf to set up a payment plan to satisfy the IRS.  We will make sure that the installment payments are within your means.  The negotiation and qualifications for these types of settlements can be very complex.  At OIC Tax, we understand these rules and can help determine if these are the best options for you.

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