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Dealing With The IRS

Navigating and dealing with the IRS directly can be a daunting task. You must understand the IRS manual and understand that the IRS is the collection agency with the most power in USA, you will be facing some difficult situations:

1. Be ready for long holding times when calling them plus long and technical conversations over the phone. Be ready to spend a couple of hours all together on each call.

2. Mind Set: The IRS will try an create a wedge between a taxpayer and their legal representative. The IRS wants the taxpayer to deal directly with them so they can get the most out of them and on their own terms. The manipulative nature of the IRS will take the inexperienced taxpayer thru the tax code like sheep to slaughter.

3. Misdirection: If you already have a representative and contact the IRS on your own, the IRS may tell you there has been no contact by the representative (sometimes this is true as the Power of Attorney (2848) may not be processed yet). Confusing you into believing that you do not have a representative and enticing you to deal with them directly.

4. Intimidation: Most taxpayers don’t understand that the IRS’s job is to collect taxes, not to help you NOT to pay your taxes. Call the IRS and they will tell you the only way out of your debt is to pay it. Most people will shake in their boots, buckle to the IRS and set an installment agreement that most likely will fail if your financial situation is not taken in consideration when setting up the amount of the payments.

5. The fact is that the IRS has resolutions that may help you get out of that tax debt, but the IRS does not have the time or will make the time to explain them to you or help you get those resolutions.

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