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IRS Audit

Are you dealing with an IRS audit? Have you just received a notice stating your taxes are being audited?  Having an IRS audit is not a big deal, unless your taxes were filed improperly. If they were, the audit can be a headache and cost you more money in the end. The IRS, thru an accounting procedure, will audit and examine your taxes to ensure you have filed your tax returns properly.  If you prove that your return was accurate and complete, the IRS will not ask anything further.  If your returns had errors or fraudulent information, you will have to pay the recalculated amount plus any incurred interest.

Does the IRS ever contact a taxpayer via e-mail to initiate an audit?

The IRS does not contact an individual via e-mail for an initial appointment. Contact related to being selected for an audit will be made via telephone or mail only, due to disclosure requirements. If you are solicited for an IRS Audit via e-mail, it is not real. Do not submit any personal information back to the email.

Does filing an amended return affect the return selection process

Filing an amended return does not affect the selection process of the original return. However, amended returns also go through a screening process and the amended return may be selected for audit.

Why was my return selected for an IRS audit

When returns are filed, they are compared against “norms” for similar returns. The “norms” are developed from audits of a statistically valid random sample of returns. These returns are selected as part of the National Research Program which the IRS conducts to update return selection information.

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