Delinquent Filing / Back Taxes

Dealing with Back Taxes

Having to deal with back taxes is a very  scary situation. Having an IRS tax debt can add major stress to your everyday life. This is true if you cannot afford to pay back you tax debt. The  interest and penalties are constantly adding to the amount you owe, making it almost impossible to pay off back taxes. Self-employed individuals are especially vulnerable to creating an IRS back tax liability due to the discipline required to set aside money for tax payments throughout the year. No matter how bad you think your IRS tax debt situation is, we can help.  Both individuals and businesses can get help with their back taxes.  Do not handle your back taxes by yourself. Get the help you need from the OIC Tax Professionals.

Do not Avoid Back Taxes

If you avoid paying back taxes, the IRS will enforce collections. The IRS can force your employer to garnish your wages and send significant portions of your checks to the IRS.  The stress will greatly affect you and your family. Help for your back tax problem can consist of many forms.

  • Negotiating with the IRS to establish payment plans;
  • Filing an offer in compromise to settle the debt for a lower amount;
  • Filing old tax returns;
  • Getting the IRS to lift liens are some of the options IRS makes available

OIC Tax Professionals will help to work through your back taxes situation.  You are not alone.  We will guide you to find the best possible solution for you.

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